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Before and after Redcoat XtraQuestion What is Roofcoat Xtra?
Answer Roofcoat Xtra is an advanced flexible coating system modern and attractive in appearance.

Question What can Roofcoat Xtra be used for?
Answer Roofcoat Xtra is designed for and used mainly on flat roofs where it provides a cost effective weatherproof seal. It can also be used to seal pitched roofs, guttters, etc.

Question Is Roofcoat Xtra expensive?
Answer No - Roofcoat Xtra is a very competitive priced product, probably the most cost effective flat roof system that money can buy - phone Planwell today and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Question Just how much money can I expect to save?
Answer You should save around 70% on flat roof costs, sometimes even more! Because Roofcoat Xtra can be applied by virtually anyone - you can save on material costs, labour costs, and of course V.A.T. charges.

Question What is the lifespan of Roofcoat Xtra?
Answer Depending on the thickness of the coating and what it is applied to - Roofcoat Xtra will seal for up to 10 years (with two coats), this is longer than most traditional felt roofs last.

Question How do I know I am buying a quality system?
AnswerRoofcoat Xtra has been specially developed by Planwell - one of Scotland's leading roofing specialists - all Planwell products are of the highest quality.

Question Who installs Roofcoat Xtra?
AnswerInstallation of Roofcoat Xtra is very simple and it is ideal for D.I.Y. enthusiasts. It is also installed by roofing contractors, builders, etc. If you can use a brush, then you can apply Roofcoat Xtra.

Question What colours are available?
Answer Roofcoat Xtra is available in a standard grey colour which blends with almost any property or location. Other 'special' colours are also available. Please contact Planwell for details on this.

Question What size of containers are Roofcoat Xtra available in?
Answer Roofcoat Xtra is available in both 5kg. and 20kg. size tins.

Question What is the coverage per square metre?
Answer This really depends on the surface you are applying to. If for example it is a smooth surface then you will get more coverage than say a rough 'chipped' surface. As a guideline a minimum coverage of 1kg per square metre is recommended.

Question How do I order?
Answer Please contact Planwell with your details - i.e. your roof size - we will then work out an exact price for the materials you require.

Question What are your payment options?
Answer Planwell is a cash and carry business providing you the customer with the best materials at the best prices. Our normal terms are therefore payment in full before your order can be dispatched.

Question How quickly will my materials be delivered?
Answer From the time that we recieve your payment your order will be very quickly dispatched - normally within a few days. Please phone Planwell for exact details on delivery of your order.


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